Russian Speaking Immigration Lawyer in Los Angeles Outlines Asylum Policy

Russian speaking immigration lawyer in Los Angeles

Out of the total number of cases presented to political asylum officers in the United States, approximately two-thirds are denied. Of these cases that are later presented before an immigration judge, it is estimated that half are denied. The process to apply for political asylum in the United States is not easy and it can be devastating to have to deal with all the necessary procedures and have them denied. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the end of the process. That is why many people come to our offices asking our russian-speaking immigration lawyer in Los Angeles to help with their rejected asylum filing. If this is your case, don’t worry. We can help you.

When Political Asylum Claims are Denied

If you have a denied political asylum case but have reason to believe that your case is valid and deserves another chance, there is almost always the possibility of applying again and seeking a different verdict. For this, it is always good to have the help of a Russian-speaking immigration lawyer in Los Angeles, a lawyer who is dedicated to this type of case. It is important to know that you have the opportunity to appeal against the court’s decision and that you can remain in the country legally while you wait for the response of the process. But you have to remember that this process is complicated on purpose. Even though you can stay in the country, you have to remember that you cannot work legally.

If Your Case is Denied by an Asylum Officer

When you are applying for political asylum from the United States, not at the border, this is considered an affirmative application and is made in front of an asylum officer. The officer in charge will interview you to hear your statement and determine if your case is valid. A few weeks after being interviewed, you will receive a letter telling you whether your case is accepted or not. If your petition is denied, you do not have to do anything to appeal, but your case will be referred to immigration court (if you are in the country legally). In court, an immigration judge will hear your testimony, review your evidence, and make a decision. In these cases, you usually will not have to wait to receive a response. The judge will inform you of his decision in the same trial.

If Your Case is Denied by an Immigration Judge

If an immigration judge denies your case, you can appeal the decision and start another process. This process is complicated, so it is necessary that you carry it out with the help of a Russian-speaking immigration lawyer in Los Angeles. When you are wondering what to do if you are denied political asylum, you don’t have to worry. On the contrary, it is simply another step on your path to a stable and lasting immigration status. That’s what the lawyers at Paniotto Law are for, to help you throughout your application and ensure your success.

Russian Speaking Immigration Lawyer in Los Angeles

Neither you nor anyone else deserves to go through an arduous immigration process alone. A good immigration attorney will not only help you understand the difficult path ahead but will also make this path much easier for you. Therefore, if you need help with your immigration situation, do not hesitate to contact Paniotto Law, our immigration law firm. Call or write to us to start your process with a free consultation in which we will analyze your case. Once we are clear about what to do, we will do everything possible to move your case forward. Paniotto Law has all the solutions for you.

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