Defense Against Deportation Explained By Russian Immigration Attorney

Russian Immigration Attorney

Few things are more stressful than the threat of deportation, as this compromises the integrity of your life and your future. Luckily, there are immigration attorneys specifically to provide you with deportation defense. Below, our russian immigration attorney presents you with a general guide about these types of defense procedures and what you can expect from them.

Under Threat of Deportation

Receiving a summons to immigration court or a threat of deportation is complicated, as it represents a danger to your life, your job, and your future. Under these circumstances, it is important to keep a few things in mind. Don’t worry more than necessary, but instead, try to find a Russian immigration attorney who can guide you throughout the case. In the meantime, don’t panic. If you have not been arrested but are under summons, go about your life as normal but keep a low profile. In the event that a loved one has been detained by the authorities, things will be different.

Immigration Detainees

It is important to remember that immigrants detained in the United States have certain rights protected under the law. Although agencies and authorities tend to violate the rights of immigrants and citizens, it is good to understand and remember the protections you have even if you are detained, especially if your case is being processed.

  • Most people who are detained while their case is being handled are eligible to be released on bail or other conditions.
  • You have the right to call your lawyer or your family if you are detained. Additionally, you have the right to have your lawyer visit you while you are detained.
  • You have the right to be accompanied by your attorney at any hearing, court, or session with an immigration attorney.
  • If a loved one has been detained, try to contact an immigration attorney who will work to have the person released as soon as possible.

Defense Against Deportation

Now, in the event that a process to deport him is initiated in court, the situation will be different. Nobody wants to be deported, so it is imperative that you find the ideal legal support for the case. An immigration attorney can help you navigate this confusing and complicated process and defend yourself in front of immigration court. Every day, the immigration situation in the United States becomes more complicated, which is why we want you to have the capable and diligent legal team that you deserve and that can help you remain in the country. That’s why our Russian immigration attorney can help you develop an effective deportation defense that will stand up in court.

Dmitry Law

We know how important it is to find the right lawyer, which is why at Dmitry Law we strive to provide the space for you to consider our services. Our team is ready to hear your case, propose a path forward, and fight your deportation defense case. For more information, you can contact us through our website or by calling our team. We’re ready to help you out.

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