Immigration Attorney Takes Cases For Political Asylum For Russian Speakers

asylum for Russian speakers

Many people depend on the United States political asylum system to be able to live their lives safely and successfully. Therefore, it is something very delicate to handle, which is why it’s not prudent to be careless with these types of requests, and therefore it is recommended that they not be made without the help of a Los Angeles immigration attorney ready to handle cases of political asylum for Russian speakers.

Political Asylum in the United States

Unlike other immigration procedures, political asylum cases usually depend on the political decisions of the government in power. Each year, the government defines the number of individuals who can be granted refugee status in the United States. The decision as to whether or not someone is to be granted asylum depends on many different factors. Among the things that are taken into account are the applicant’s country of origin, the situation he is in, the level of risk he is subject to, and what he plans to do in the country. This does not even refer to the procedure itself, but to the previous considerations. That is why it is pertinent to look for a lawyer in Los Angeles who can help in cases of political asylum for Russian speakers.

Requesting Asylum For Russian Speakers

These cases require prospective asylum seekers to apply for refugee status in the United States, which is done through a legal process. As part of this, applicants have to present their case together with evidence that they are in need of asylum. This process depends on the laws of the United States and the parameters that are established each year to accept refugee applicants. Requesting asylum will be different depending on the circumstances in which the applicant is, whether they are from outside the country or from within, especially if they aren’t familiar with the language. The best way to carry out your application will be with the help of an immigration attorney experienced with asylum for Russian speakers who can guide you through this process.

Was Your Political Asylum Denied?

Due to the complex nature of this asylum application process, it is very common to see cases of political asylum being denied. In these cases, there are certain opportunities for applicants, but it is best to consider them with the help of a knowledgeable immigration attorney. If you are applying for political asylum from within the country, it is through an affirmative application and you face an asylum officer. The officer in question will interview you to hear your statement and determine if your case is valid. If your petition is denied, you do not have to do anything to appeal, but your case will be referred to the immigration court. If an immigration judge denies your case, you can appeal the decision and start another process.

Russian Speaking Immigration Attorney

Neither you nor anyone else deserves to go through an arduous immigration process alone. A good immigration lawyer not only helps you understand the difficult road ahead, but will also make this road much easier for you. Therefore, if you need help with your immigration situation, do not hesitate to contact Paniotto Law, our immigration law firm. Call us or message us to start your process with a free consultation in which we will analyze your case. Once we are clear about what to do, we will do everything possible to move your case forward. Paniotto Law has all the solutions for you.

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