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Arabic Immigration Lawyer

With a full-time Arabic-speaking attorney on staff at the Paniotto Law Firm, our office offers a first-time free consultation to members of the Arabic-speaking community in Los Angeles, as well as other parts of Southern California. Our associate attorney, Nour Chammas, was born in Lebanon and is of Syrian-Lebanese origin. He is fluent in Arabic and is able to offer a unique service Arabic-speakers here attempting to adjust their status in the United States or to apply for certain immigration benefits. Nour Chammas also previously worked with the Arab Resource and Organizing Center in San Francisco, where he provided immigration legal services to members of the Arabic-speaking community there.

With the Arab World currently embroiled in turmoil as a result of what has been dubbed the “Arab Spring,” many people from that part of the world are looking to escape the violence, chaos, and instability and find a safe, secure home for themselves and their families. Being himself from that part of the world, Nour Chammas possesses an understanding of the political events specific to each country in the Arab World, which gives him the ability to better analyze potential clients’ cases.

Whether you are attempting to escape the current civil war in Syria, seeking refuge from the chaos and violence in Iraq, looking for an alternative to the instability and lack of security in Egypt, or searching for a sanctuary from in-fighting in Libya, our office can help you. You may also wish to avoid political tensions in Lebanon, Bahrain, or Tunisia, or to flee oppression and persecution in Saudi Arabia. Algeria, Morocco, and Jordan also might provide their citizens with little confidence in the future. For all above-mentioned potential cases, the Paniotto Law Firm provides professional immigration legal services and can determine the best course of action on a case-by-case basis.

So whether you wish to apply for asylum, file for family-based immigration benefits, adjust status as an immigrant worker, apply for an H-1B or an H-2B employment-based visa, file for an F-1 student visa, or need representation in removal proceedings call the Paniotto Law Firm at (213)534-1827 and make an appointment for a free consultation, or visit us at 3550 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1770, Los Angeles, CA 90010.


Syria Immigration Lawyer

The US government has designated Syria for TPS, which means that Syrian nationals in the United States are able to apply for Temporary Protected Status. Syria was initially designated for TPS in 2012, but the US redesignated it as a TPS country on June 17, 2013, allowing currently eligible TPS beneficiaries from Syria to retain TPS through March 31, 2015. The Paniotto Law Firm has extensive experience in TPS applications, as it has successfully applied for TPS for numerous clients from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. This experience, combined with an Arabic-speaking attorney on staff who is able to understand the particular needs of members of the Syrian community, serves as an important asset in ensuring that such applications are properly completed and filed.

Moreover, due to the ongoing conflict in Syria, many Syrians today have a well-founded fear of persecution in Syria, whether by the government or the rebel forces, making them eligible to apply for Asylum here in the United States. The Paniotto Law Firm specializes in Asylum cases, as it has successfully obtained such protection for many of its clients who have been persecuted in the past or who have a well-founded fear of future persecution. In addition, our associate attorney, Nour Chammas, was responsible for filing numerous Asylum applications for members of the Arabic-speaking community in San Francisco. It is important that those seeking to file an asylum application receive proper legal assistance, as the strength of a particular asylum claim could rest on how the case is presented. Our experience in this field allows us to provide clients seeking protection in the US with the best possible service, greatly increasing their likelihood of success.

Egyptian Immigration Lawyer


Today Egypt is also experiencing a period of instability, in which the military has asserted its control over the country with sporadic clashes breaking out in different parts between various groups. Egyptian Copts have been especially targeted in this period of unrest, in addition to Egyptians in general living in a state of insecurity, with many being targets of persecution by either the military or groups opposed to the military’s rule. This has led to many Egyptians fearing a return to Egypt, making them also eligible to apply for Asylum in the United States. As discussed above, the Paniotto Law Firm’s extensive experience in Asylum cases allows it to provide first class legal representation in these matters and gives clients the best possible chance for success.

Furthermore, those Egyptians wishing to petition for immigrant visas, such as family-based or employment-based petitions, or those who are looking to apply for non-immigrant visas, including F-1 student visas, H1, H2, or J visas will also find this office among the most professional in successfully filing such applications.

Iraq Immigration Lawyer


It has been over ten years since Iraq was invaded by US forces, and its previous regime was toppled. Unfortunately, the country continues to be plagued with ongoing violence, economic debilitation, political uncertainty, and all-around instability. Many Iraqis are still attempting to flee the country amid the existing chaos and are looking for a more secure place to move their families and raise their children. We can offer all services mentioned above to such Iraqis who seek to remain here in the US and legalize their status.



Lebanon Immigration Lawyer


Libyans today are living in a state of virtual disintegration after the fall of the previous regime and the rise of competing tribal militias. The government today exists in a state of ineptitude, unable to provide basic protection not only to its citizens, but also to its own government officials. News of the recent kidnapping of the prime minister of the country is clear evidence of the dire situation in Libya. Many Libyans today have no choice but to immigrate to a place that can provide them with a sense of security. Libyans in the United States may seek to legalize their status through a variety of different avenues. Such Libyans can take advantage of our free consultations and meet with us to discuss all possible options available to them.


Lebanon continues to experience political tensions between various competing groups, which has forced the country to face an uncertain future. Many Lebanese have families living in the United States, with whom they wish to unite. The presence of Lebanese in Los Angeles and Orange County is clearly felt with the prevalence of Lebanese restaurants, cafes and hookah lounges, and Lebanese pastry shops. In addition to family-based immigrant visa petitions constituting possible options for many Lebanese, those Lebanese also wishing to invest in a business enterprise here in the United States may also qualify for immigrant visas. Our free consultation will allow nationals of Lebanon here to weigh their options and determine what avenues they have to adjust their status in the United States.

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