Immigration Bonds

Immigration Bonds

There are three types of the most common immigration bonds:

1) immigration bond issued by the ICE deportation officers usually in the amount of $1500 when deportation officers believe that the arrested undocumented immigrant is eligible for release until immigration court hearing

2) immigration bond issued by the judge in immigration court when undocumented immigrant is in custody

3) voluntary departure $500 bond to make sure immigrant leaves the country as promised

What reasons do the deportation officers have to approve the bond?

If undocumented immigrant does not have a serious criminal record, if the undocumented immigrant does not have immigration arrest warrant or criminal arrest warrant; if the undocumented immigrant did not reenter the U.S. without documents after deportation , if the undocumented immigrant is seriously ill -the deportation officers are likely to approve the immigration bond.

What reasons does the immigration judge have to approve the immigration bond?

The immigration judge first of all has to check the criminal record of the arrested undocumented immigrant. There is a list of crimes of violence and crimes of moral turpitude and some other serious crimes – and if your crime is on that list, the immigration judge has no power to decide on your immigration bail because the crime on the list is a mandatory detention crime.

But if your crime is not on the list, the immigration judge has to look at what will happen if you are released on bail, immigration judge has to be sure you have an immigration case to apply for and that you will go to every immigration court hearing you are supposed to attend and that you are not a danger to community or a flight risk.

How much bond money do I have to pay for the immigration bail?

The average amount of immigration bail approved by the judge is about $5000 , but in some cases the immigration bail can be reduced. In some cases where undocumented immigrant has a weak immigration case and some criminal record the immigration bail can be $10,000 or more.

What do the relatives of the immigrant have to do to pay immigration bail?

You have to contact a bail bonds company on the day when your relative got his immigration bail approved. Make sure that the bail bonds company is licensed to issue immigration bonds, not only criminal bonds. For example, one of the biggest and best known immigration bail bond companies is Gonzalez Y Gonzalez located at 412 E. Commercial Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012, telephone number for this immigration bond company is (213) 628-8888.

The Bail bonds representatives will take A number of your relative down, will need information about your house to secure the bond and will usually pay about 80 % of the immigration bond amount.  If you have a house, you will pay only about 20% of the immigration bond. When the bond money is paid, your relative will be released, but will not be delivered to your house. Relatives of the undocumented immigrant have responsibility to pick up the undocumented immigrant at the immigration jail or other location designated by immigration officials.

What happens after immigration bond is paid and undocumented immigrant is released?

The venue is changed to the immigration court in the area where undocumented immigrant lived before immigration arrested him.  The change of venue means that immigration judge makes an order to transfer immigration case file of the undocumented immigrant to another immigration judge in the area where undocumented immigrant lives.

After immigration case is transferred, undocumented immigrant will be scheduled for an immigration court deportation hearing – in Los Angeles it’s a Los Angeles immigration court.

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