Fiance Visas

Fiance Visas and Prenuptial Agreements

If you met your fiancé abroad or online and are considering bringing them to the U.S. to marry – the guaranteed way to successfully accomplish this goal is to get a fiancée visa for them.  The important details to remember about fiancée visa is that in order to apply for one, you must have a recent picture TOGETHER and that once your fiancée is in the U.S. he/she must marry you within 90 days upon arrival or leave. Fiancee visas can not be changed into any other kind of visas and can not be extended –  the strict rule is that you either marry within 90 days or leave.  Once you got married, the second part of the process is to apply for greencard for your new spouse.  This office prepares fiancée visas and greencard applications at below market prices. For those cautious individuals , interested in protecting their property in case of divorce, we can offer a bargain not to be missed:  package deal which will include fiancée visa, greencard application AND preparation of PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENT by a  highly qualified  California licensed attorney Bridget Howze who specializes in family law. Feel free to inquire at (213)534-1827


U.S. citizens and greencard holders have a right to petition for permanent residency for  for their immediate relatives abroad.  Usually various paralegal services /notary public offices prepare such petitions – this office is happy to announce that we also prepare family petitions at prices MATCHING those of paralegal services – See for yourself- call us at (213)534-1827

UNLIKE PARALEGAL SERVICES, we also provide representation by immigration attorney at your adjustment of status interview if necessary

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