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Paniotto Law Firm provides legal representation in Los Angeles, Adelanto Immigration Court, Otay Mesa Immigration court, San Diego Immigration court and out of state immigration courts.

If you received a “NOTICE TO APPEAR” from the Immigration Service or another letter from the immigration court requiring you to appear in immigration court on a certain date, we urge you to make an appointment with our office by calling (213)534-1827 for a first free consultation so that we could advise you what to do next.

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If you received Notice to Appear this means that you are in this country without documents and the US. government seeks to deport you back to your country of origin based on the undocumented presence charges or in some cases based on the commission of a deportable criminal offense by you.

Immigration Court handles cases of individuals in removal/deportation proceedings that usually take place in the area where undocumented immigrant is being detained or where he/she resides. Normally, an individual in deportation (or removal) proceedings can not be deported without an opportunity to seek relief – various immigration benefits in immigration court. Such immigration relief/benefits may include political asylum, adjustment of status to that of a permanent resident based on permanent residency/citizenship of immigrant’s relatives , cancellation of removal, and other immigration benefits. If the immigration court decides that immigrant is eligible for permanent residency based on one of the listed forms of immigration relief or other forms of immigration relief, the immigrant will not be deported and instead will be granted permanent residency status in the U.S.

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