Inmigration Deportation Cases


Our immigration lawyer Dmitry Paniotto represents immigrants in deportation/removal proceedings. Deportation/removal proceedings commence as a result of undocumented entry into the United States, expiration of visa status, or a commission of a deportable criminal offense. Deportation proceedings can be initiated both against legal permanent residents and undocumented immigrant. Legal permanent residents are running the risk that their permanent residency in the United States may be revoked when they plead guilty to deportable offenses in criminal court.

Once the arrested permanent resident is in criminal custody, he may be subject to the immigration hold and will be transferred to the immigration detention center for processing once his/her time in county jail/state prison expires. The same applies to undocumented immigrant who committed criminal offense – they are usually placed under immigration hold and are not allowed to leave jail/prison so that they could be transferred directly to the immigration detention facility for further removal proceedings.

Inmigration Deportation Cases

It is important to understand that certain offenses such as possession of controlled substance for sale, sexual abuse /sexual relations with a minor and other aggravated felonies will trigger a permanent bar for receiving any immigration benefit under the U.S. immigration laws and will almost certainly lead to permanent deportation without a right to return to the U.S. Other offenses such as simple possession of certain narcotics, misdemeanor domestic battery, misdemeanor domestic violence, petty theft even though deportable crimes may still be overcome by extreme and exceptional hardship to the qualifying relative if applying for the relief of cancellation of removal.

Only a qualified and licensed immigration attorney has the expertise to advise you which crimes will lead to almost certain deportation/removal, which crimes can be overcome by other factors to allow you to retain permanent residency/obtain one and which crimes such as for example simple DUI are not deportable offenses at all.

Don’t hesitate to schedule a first free consultation with our Los Angeles immigration attorney Dmitry Paniotto to discuss your case or the case of your detained relatives/friends to determine what would be the best way to proceed with their deportation/removal defense. Additionally, legal permanent residents may be deportable as a result of smuggling undocumented immigrant into the United States.

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