Russian Asylum in the U.S.: Understanding the Process

The process of seeking Russian asylum is overwhelming and complex, especially for those fleeing their home countries due to persecution or fear for their safety. For Russian nationals seeking refuge in the U.S., understanding the steps involved in the asylum application process is critical. Not only do you need to familiarize yourself with the steps,…

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Understanding Asylum for Russian Speakers Seeking Protection in the United States

Asylum is a form of protection that is granted to people who are fleeing persecution in their home countries. If you are a Russian speaker who is seeking asylum in the United States, it is important to understand the process and the criteria that are used to determine whether or not you qualify for asylum….

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Russian Asylum

Your Rights When Seeking Russian Asylum

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, announced a “partial mobilization” of the military forces on September 21, 2022. In accordance with the promised call-up, officials stated they planned to draft 300,000 civilians into the military. As a result, “Povestka” draft papers were distributed to thousands of Russians across the country.  Russian Asylum in the U.S. Because…

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