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Retired immigration officer joining Paniotto law firm

Paniotto Law Firm is proud to announce that after 20 years of service with the Department of Homeland Security a recently retired immigration officer with extensive experience ranging from marriage based and asylum interviews to deportation and detention of undocumented immigrants has joined our team of professionals.

Thanks to the contribution of the unique immigration experience of the retired immigration officer who joined our office, we are now able to offer unique immigration services that include immigration consultation for immigrants who are now in ICE custody detained at 300 N Los Angeles Street B 18 room, immigrants detained in the LAX, immigrants detained in Lancaster and other deportation jails. We now provide special immigration consultation with the immigration officer who conducted adjustment of status interviews for married couples applying for greencard based on marriage. We now provide consultation to undocumented immigrant families whose relatives have been arrested by ICE about the procedure of arrest and detention of undocumented immigrant, the consequences of criminal record for release on supervision, visa problems at the LAX airport and other ports of entry and deportation jail rules about transfer of undocumented immigrant cases to Arizona or Texas.

If anyone you know is detained by immigration service/ICE at 300 N Los Angeles , B 18 room, at the LAX airport, detained at the border or in the immigration jail, feel free to call us for your first free in the office consultation at (213)534-1827, weekends (213)534-1827 .   If you and your spouse are getting ready for your marriage based case interview to get a greencard, do not hesitate to make your appointment with us to discuss your immigration interview and to hire immigration lawyer Dmitry Paniotto to go with you to the interview. If you have asylum interview scheduled in Anaheim , call us for immigration consultation about your asylum case before you go to asylum office to Anaheim.  If your relative was in criminal jail and have been placed on immigration hold, feel free to call us for a consultation that will include special consultation with a retired immigration officer about the consequences of immigration hold.

Call (213)534-1827 for your appointment.

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