Representation to Detainees at the Border

Representation to Detainees at the Border

What should I do if my relative/friend was caught crossing the border and is in immigration jail ?

We can help you to locate your relative /friend and stop their deportation by filing a credible fear interview request which will stop deportation pending an interview with deportation officers specializing in asylum matters. When a detainee is being interrogated by the asylum officers, detainee must prove with his/her testimony that he/she has credible fear of going back to their country for valid reasons.

If you are a victim of crime , but government of your country didn’t violate your rights in any way – its unlikely that officers would approved your asylum credible fear request; even if you are a victim of domestic violence there is still always a requirement that you have to show that your government did not protect you from violence .

If your testimony shows that you are in the U.S. for economic reasons or family reunification reasons , your asylum will be denied and you will be deported. We represent our clients at the credible fear interviews telephonically and help prepare for these interviews. After a successful credible fear interview, deportation officers normally release you on bond and transfer the case to where you are going to live in the U.S. for immigration court proceedings.t

We help our clients to come out on bail , to transfer the case from another state to Los Angeles, CA and continue representing them in Los Angeles immigration court in asylum cases.

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