Important warning for immigrants arrested by deportation officers

Important warning for immigrants arrested by deportation officers and /or transferred from Criminal Jail

If you are given a paper that gives you an option to sign voluntary departure or request to see an immigration judge the deportation officers often ask you to sign “voluntary departure” or as many clients say “voluntary deportation” DON’T SIGN IT. Unfortunately, our law firm had seen many clients whose relatives were bullied by deportation officers into signing voluntary departure / voluntary deportation. The deportation officers lied to our clients that that if they don’t sign deportation, they will stay in deportation jail for many months or a year before getting a hearing with immigration judge , that its useless to fight their case , that hiring an immigration lawyer is a waste of money.

We’ve seen many cases where immigrant had every right to fight his immigration case, but was intimidated and bullied by deportation officers to sign voluntary departure/ voluntary deportation. Remember, deportation officers are not your friends! Their job is to deport you! Don’t expect them to help you! If you are arrested by deportation officers or transferred to Immigration jail from criminal jail, immediately hire an immigration lawyer specializing in deportation and don’t listen to deportation officers! Fight for your right to see the Immigration Judge and mark the box requesting to see immigration judge! Never mark “voluntary deportation” /“voluntary departure” in that paper – remember that if you are deported you will not be able to come back legally for at least 10 years! If you request to see immigration judge the hearing with the immigration judge will take place within 1 month at the latest! Don’t let the deportation officers fool you into giving up your right to fight your case!

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