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U Visa Lawyer, Victim of Crime Visa

Can I get documents in the U.S. if I became a victim of crime?

Victims of violent crimes that occurred in the U.S. may qualify for permanent residency based on U visas . U visa application requires cooperation of law enforcement officials who investigated the crime : specifically they have to sign a special certification to support your “U” visa application .

If they don’t sign – you don’t have a case. However if they do sign, you have a winnable case, provided you don’t have a criminal record yourself. For “U” visa cases we need you to bring us a police report, doctor’s report about the incident and the detailed information about the officers /detectives investigating the case.

We ‘ll prepare all the documents including a special certification to be signed by the officers and will get in touch with them to obtain their cooperation. Initially upon pre-approval of a U visa you will get a work permit and most of the rights that permanent residents enjoy, but after 3 years on a U visa you qualify for a greencard.

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