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Our immigration lawyer Dmitry Paniotto represents immigrants in deportation/removal proceedings. Deportation/removal proceedings commence as a result of undocumented entry into the United States, expiration of visa status, or a commission of a deportable criminal offense. Deportation proceedings can be initiated both against legal permanent residents and undocumented immigrant. Legal permanent residents are running the risk that their permanent residency in the United States may be revoked when they plead guilty to deportable offenses in criminal court. Once the arrested permanent resident is in criminal custody, he may be subject to the immigration hold and will be transferred to the immigration detention center for processing once his/her time in county jail/state prison expires. The same applies to undocumented immigrant who committed criminal offense – they are usually placed under immigration hold and are not allowed to leave jail/prison so that they could be transferred directly to the immigration detention facility for further removal proceedings.

It is important to understand that certain offenses such as possession of controlled substance for sale, sexual abuse /sexual relations with a minor and other aggravated felonies will trigger a permanent bar for receiving any immigration benefit under the U.S. immigration laws and will almost certainly lead to permanent deportation without a right to return to the U.S. Other offenses such as simple possession of certain narcotics, misdemeanor domestic battery, misdemeanor domestic violence, petty theft even though deportable crimes may still be overcome by extreme and exceptional hardship to the qualifying relative if applying for the relief of cancellation of removal.

Only a qualified and licensed immigration attorney has the expertise to advise you which crimes will lead to almost certain deportation/removal, which crimes can be overcome by other factors to allow you to retain permanent residency/obtain one and which crimes such as for example simple DUI are not deportable offenses at all.

Deportacion Cases

Don’t hesitate to schedule a first free consultation with our Los Angeles immigration attorney Dmitry Paniotto to discuss your case or the case of your detained relatives/friends to determine what would be the best way to proceed with their deportation/removal defense. Additionally, legal permanent residents may be deportable as a result of smuggling undocumented immigrant into the United States.

Permanent resident and undocumented immigrant that are being placed in deportation proceedings due to the commission of a crime of moral turpitude, aggravated felony or any other crime as well as certain immigrants who crossed the border without being inspected and admitted are usually being placed in custody at the following Southern California detention centers:

San Diego Office El Centro Detention Facility Service Processing Center. 1115 North Imperial Avenue El Centro , CA 92243 (760) 353-2170

Otay Mesa Border Station 2500 Paseo International San Diego , CA 92173 (619) 661-3119

Florence Service Processing Center 3250 N. Pinal Parkway Florence , Arizona 85232 (520) 868-5862

Mira Loma Detention Center 45100 N. 60th Street W. Lancaster , CA 93536 (661) 940-3555 Los Angeles downtown office 300 N. Los Angeles Street Los Angeles , CA 90012 , Room B-18

Eloy Detention Center 1705 E. Hanna Rd. Eloy , AZ 85231 (520) 466-2000 CCA EAST MESA DETENTION FACILITY IMMIGRATION COURT 446 ALTA ROAD, SUITE 5400 SAN DIEGO, CA 92158 (619) 661-3327

Santa Ana Jail 62 Civic Center Plaza P.O. Box 22003 Santa Ana, CA 92701 Phone: (714) 245-8100

Theo Lacy Facility 501 The City Drive South Orange, CA 92868 (714) 935-6940 Phone

James A. Musick Facility 13502 Musick Road irvine, CA 92618 (213)894-2811

East Mesa CCA 446 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92158 T# (619) 661-3327

As soon as you learn that they’ve been detained, contact this office at (213)534-1827 or cell number (213) 534-1827 .

Please have the name , the A number of the detainee and the next immigration court date available when you call for a first free consultation.

Once a detained immigrant is in custody, a hearing with an immigration judge is usually being scheduled for this immigrant to determine if he/she qualifies for any relief or must be deported. The immigration judges usually advise the detainees to obtain the services of a licensed immigration attorney and allow continuances on that basis. Regardless of which detention center your deportation-5relative/friend is in, call our Los Angeles immigration lawyer at (213)534-1827 or cell (213)534-1827 to schedule an appointment for a first free consultation. Our immigration lawyer in Los Angeles area Dmitry Paniotto is available to represent you/your relatives/friends in removal proceedings before the courts listed below. The hearings for detainees are scheduled before immigration judge at the following immigration courts:

Lancaster Immigration Court/ Mira Loma Facility T# (661) 942-8633 45100 N 60th Street, West Lancaster, CA 93536

300 N Los Angeles branch of Los Angeles Immigration Court Federal Building, 300 N. Los Angeles Street, 8th Floor, Room 8547, Los Angeles; same phone number as for Los Angeles immigration court: (213)894-2811

East Mesa CCA 446 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92158 T# (619) 661-3327

El Centro Immigration Court 1115 North Imperial Ave, El Centro, CA 92243 T # (760) 353-2328

Imperial Immigration Court 2409 La Brucherie Road Imperial , CA 92251 T# (760) 355-0070

The two biggest immigration courts in Southern California that usually handle immigrants that are not detained are :

San Diego Immigration Court 401 West “A” Street, Ste 800 San Diego, CA 92101 T # (619) 557-6052

Los Angeles Immigration Court 606 S Olive Street., 15th floor (court’s clerks’office) Los Angeles, CA 90014 (213)894-2811

Detention procedures and detention centers:

As soon as person without immigration papers , without greencard or with a criminal conviction is transferred from the criminal jail to immigration jail , he or she is transferred to B -18 room basement of the 300 N Los Angeles immigration building where deportation officers register detained immigrant , assign him or her A number if they didn't have one and decide where to transfer them next. Usually detained immigrants are being transferred to the following facilities within one day:

Lancaster Mira Loma Facility 45100 N 60th Street, West Lancaster, CA 93536

Three Orange County facilities are open for detained persons Mostly for women and persons with special needs:

Santa Ana Jail 62 Civic Center Plaza P.O. Box 22003 Santa Ana, CA 92701 Phone: (714) 245-8100

Detained immigrants in deportation proceedings are also placed in:

Theo Lacy Facility 501 The City Drive SouthOrange, CA 92868 (714) 935-6940 Phone

James A. Musick Facility 13502 Musick Road Irvine, CA 92618 (949) 855-2600 Phone

Normally, If detained person in deportation proceedings is placed in Santa Ana, Theo Lacy or Musick detention centers their hearings are held in downtown Los Angeles either at 300 N Los Angeles Street Immigration building or at 606 S Olive immigration court building through televideo conferences where detained immigrants in deportation proceedings stay at the immigration jail and immigration judge and immigrant's attorney and immigration prosecutor are talking to the detained person on the video transmitted live from the detention center.

If you relative or friend is Under Immigration Hold and is detained at the following criminal jails:

Inmate Reception Center (IRC) 450 Bauchet Street Los Angeles, CA 90012 (213) 473-6100 Inmate Information (213) 473-6191 Property Information (213) 893-5875 Cashier (213) 473-1708 DNA Collection

Men's Central Jail (MCJ) 441 Bauchet Street Los Angeles, CA 90012 (213) 473-6100 Inmate Information 24x7 (213) 974-4916 Business Information

Twin Towers Correctional Facility 450 Bauchet Street Los Angeles, CA 90012 (213) 473-6100 Inmate Information 24x7

Pitchess Detention Center - East Facility 29310 The Old Road Castaic, CA 91384 (213) 473-6080 Inmate Information (661) 295-8074 Weekend Visiting Information (213) 473-6100 Public Information (661) 295-8815 Business Phone

Pitchess Detention Center - North Facility 29320 The Old Road Castaic, CA 91384 (213) 473-6080 Inmate Information (661) 295-8840 Business Only

North County Correctional Facility (NCCF) 29340 The Old Road Castaic, CA 91384 (213) 473-6080 Inmate Information (661) 295-7810 Business Only

Century Regional Detention Facility - Female Inmates Information 11705 Alameda Street Lynwood, CA 90262 (323) 568-5100 Phone

It is time to hire an immigration attorney!

To make sure that when your relative/ friend is transferred to B-18 room at 300 N Los Angeles or any other immigration jail, he/she already has immigration lawyer, - Feel free to call us (213)534-1827 or in case of emergency (213)534-1827 to schedule first free consultation with a Los Angeles based immigration lawyer Dmitry Paniotto

Deportation of Inmates at Adelanto Immigration Jail

Adelanto immigration jail is located at 10400 Rancho Road

Adelanto, CA 92301. T# (760)561-6100To arrange a visit to see your relative at Adelanto Immigration Jail you need to know the visitation hours.

Those Immigrants in deportation process at Adelanto who qualify to have a hearing with immigration judge participate in the deportation hearing by video conference with one of the immigration judges at Los Angeles Immigration Court , 606 S. Olive address . To participate in the hearing, the immigration lawyer who represents the immigrant comes to Los Angeles Immigration court to the Judge’s courtroom where the immigration prosecutor is sitting along with the judge and interpreter. The immigrant appears on the video screen in a video transmitted from Adelanto immigration jail. In some cases you can see your detained relative on the screen when judge turns the camera to allow you to greet your relative at the conclusion of the deportation hearing.

At the first deportation hearing in Adelanto the judge will ask if you want to hire an immigration lawyer. Its very important to hire immigration lawyer before starting to talk to the judge about the case. When you hire an immigration lawyer, he/she will ask for immigration bail at the first hearing video transmitted from Adelanto to Los Angeles Immigration court.

To have a better chance to get immigration bail you have to bring to your lawyer your relative’s criminal record before the hearing and bring important documents showing that your relative is a good person who respects the law and have strong family ties to the U.S. This type of evidence includes certificates of completed probation, employment records, medical records of immediate relatives – citizens and greencard holders, tax payments, participation in community organizations, birth certificates of U.S. children , evidence of spouse/ children/ parents legal immigration status in the U.S., property owned, recommendation letters.

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