Legal Representation to Minors Detainees at the Border

Minors Detainees at the Border

What if my minor son/daughter/relative have to go to immigration court? How can you help the minors?

We represent many minors in immigration court. If a minor under 18 y.o. has no parents in the U.S. or its proven that one of the parents was abusive such minor can apply for Special Juvenile Visa case ( so called “CIGIS”). In order to file an immigration case based on special juvenile relief, its necessary to first obtain a children’s court order granting guardianship to a close relative or another adult in charge of the minor’s affairs. This can be done by an attorney specializing in such cases. After a childrens’ court part of the case is finished, its time to apply for a special juvenile visa.

Also if a minor is unaccompanied by adults, he/she qualifies for TVPRA , a special asylum designed for minors that is being processed in Anaheim Asylum office while immigration court proceedings are still pending. Once TVPRA (a special juvenile asylum) is granted, we close minor’s deportation case.

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